Thursday, July 23, 2009

Home Again!

I've returned from a wonderful week of fun and experimentation as artist-in-residence at the Schoolhouse summer camp in Vermont. We made art flags, tie dyed t-shirts, printed marbled fabric, started a weaving using an old door frame, made 3-D puppets, and created a batik hanging with glue and paint.

A big thank you to the great staff - Jessica the director, and counselors Jevin and Kelsey - and all 20 campers for making my week a fun learning experience!
Thanks, too, to my friend Tana for arranging it all, and to my other Vermont friends for spoiling me with fun dinners and late night conversations!

Next week, I am on to teach at the Fiddlehead Center for Arts in Scarborough for a week of Fabric Arts Camp!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Off to Vermont!

The summer is in full swing! The sun has returned and life is good! I just finished my first teaching gig of the summer! It was with a super great group of campers who created some cool art! I think the highlight of my time with them was making edible books (aka. cakes!) on the theme of travel! They had a blast using cakes as a canvas and frosting, candy, etc as the paint!
Next up, I head to Vermont tomorrow to be the artist in residence for a week at the School House Summer Camp in South Burlington. I am excited and little bit nervous too! I have what think will be a great week planned! Hope to have some photos to post at the end of next week!

Enjoy this much needed sunshine!