Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dance Design

It is that time of year when the slower pace of winter melts away and life becomes very busy! End of school year events like concerts, dances, art shows, recitals, drama performances and parades absorb my attention and time. As busy as it gets I do love this time of year!
Recently, I have been working on a new design that I will use to make pins and necklace charms. I will be selling the pins and necklaces to raise some money to go towards recital costs for my daughter's dance school. It is one of the favorite things I do during the year.
Here is hoping you also get to enjoy a performance or art show of your favorite dancer, musician or young artist!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dreaming Of My New Garden

Every year in the spring I start to spend a lot of time outside in the garden. First I clean it up, pull off the leaves and then discover what of my perennials are going to make it back for another season. Next I plant the seeds, taking a casual approach with a loose plan. This year I am hoping to find the time to expand my garden and create a back yard full of lilies, sunflowers, morning glories, marigolds, columbine, nastrium and maybe even some veggies!
I took these photos at the recent Portland Flower Show, it was a beautiful show. Hopefully these photos will inspire my imagination so I can create a new and colorful oasis for me, my family and friends! I also think in these photos and later the growing garden there will be inspiration for a painting or two! Happy Spring!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Next Steps for Design 2

I am starting to work on the fabric with design number two. I have painted the stars with a yellow dye. The next step will be to paint the stars with wax to protect the yellow. Then dye the fabric in a blue dye bath later this week.