Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tie Dye Day = Fun!

Last Saturday I hosted a group of 5 at So Po Art Studios for a Tie Dye Workshop.

They were quick studies, we had fun and most importantly they got some great results! Here are some photo highlights!

Next Up: Batik Basics, check my website for more info!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tie Dye Day...March 19 !

When a piece of clothing gets worn or stained and seems to be ruined what do you do? My answer is to tie dye it! My family teases me now that if there is a problem my solution no matter the challenge is to dye it!

Now here is your chance to test the theory. Bring your gently used or new cotton (natural materials work...cotton is best) to my class "Tie Dye Day" and create something colorful and new. Details are below!

Tie Dye Day
I’ll provide the dye and equipment; you bring items you want to transform. We’ll spend the morning folding, twisting, tying and dyeing to create colorful accents for your apparel or home. Possible items to dye: cotton t-shirts, scarves, tote bags, table runners… any natural fabric.
Older children with an adult, teens and adults are welcome.

Date: Saturday March 19
Location: So Po Art Studios, South Portland, ME
Time: 10am -1 pm
Fee: $20 (Sign-up for 2 and pay just $15 each)
Once you register, I will send a list of additional suggested items for dying.

For more information or to register contact me via e-mail at or call me at 409-4897.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Got Cabin Fever?

Got a bit of cabin fever? Beginning March 17,
I will be teaching a fun 4-week series called “Recycled T-shirts,” featuring some of my favorite fiber arts processes: sea weed marbling, tie dye and a wonderfully simple applique technique. The name, of course, gets its name from our base material …a t-shirt!
One of my favorite techniques is sea weed marbling!

What is sea weed marbling? The designs on marbled fabric resemble the veins and ripples in marbled stone. The sea weed part of the name is from the thick syrupy water that the paint is floated on to create the marbled design. This syrupy water is created by mixing water with a sea weed extract called carrageenan in a shallow tray.
The paint, which is dropped on the surface of the water with small bottles, then “floats” on top. You create your design by gently pulling different tools (combs, sticks, forks) through the paint.
Fabric or paper is then placed on top of the water and paint. When you pull it off, there is your beautiful print!

Interested? Let me know! For more information, visit